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Be a Volunteer!

The success of the Miracle League of Delray Beach and The Miracle League of Palm Beach County depends on the grants, donations, sponsorships, and volunteers. The Miracle League of Delray Beach has several committees you can join to help in the organization, fundraising and advertising of the league. Also, when league play begins, volunteers are needed for "buddies" to assist the players at each game.

 Anyone can be a BUDDY! Individuals, student athletes, civic groups, church groups, business groups, youth groups, and families are all needed and welcome. We ask that minors under the age of 16 be accompanied by a parent or group leader. Our players are ages 5 & up, with varying levels of physical ability and cognitive function. For the comfort of our players and our BUDDIES, we will work to match ages, sex, and ability level of players and BUDDIES to what is the best fit.

 If you can't donate your time, the Miracle League of Palm Beach County is accepting monetary donations to help keep our league expanding and free to our wonderful families.

Who do I contact?
Julia & Jeff (561) 414-4441 
or email at

If you would like more information on the national Miracle League Association, you can visit their website at or call (770) 760-1933.

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